Most frequent questions and answers

How much time do you need for set up?

We typically arrive about an 1-1.5 hours before  our scheduled start time to set up the booth, props, and test our systems.

How many prints come out after each photo booth session?

Typically, there are 2 photo strips that print with each session but we can print more depending on how many people are in the pictures. Each participant will receive 1 print each.

Will there be an attendant onsite during the entire event?

Yes! There will be an attendant at the event during the scheduled time to ensure everything runs smoothly, to protect the equipment and customers, and to administer photos to the guests. 

Are props offered for the guests?

Of course! We provide an abundance of props for every event. The props are fun and high quality! The props we provide offer a wide variety that include things like hats, glasses, masks, and more!

Can we customize a message or have a custom logo on the photo strips?

Absolutely! We can customize the photo strips with different names, fonts and color schemes. Additionally, we can add pictures that go with the theme of the event to ensure your prints are a perfect fit for your event and your personality, too!

What are the dimensions of the photo booth?

The enclosed booth is about 5ft by 6 ft, however we will need some additional space to set up our prop table, as well. Our open air booths typically take up a bit more space, so a 10′ x 10′ area should be sufficient.